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We Make Websites That Look Beautiful on Every Device, Your Brand Deserves The Best!

Whether you need a brand new fully customized website or the redesign of a current one, Centropy Designs is up for the challenge. Our team of web developers are experienced in a number of programming languages and CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla.  With your ideas and our creative magic, there is nothing that we can't achieve for your brand.

Extend Your Business To The Web: The World is Your Audience, Websites Are The Stage

It may be hard to believe, but almost half of the small businesses in the U.S still don't have websites. With 3+ billions people using the internet as of 2018, having a digital presence for your organization is no longer optional.

Regardless of what products and services you provide, we can extend it to the web.

Our Development Process

Our goal is to get your website up as quickly as possible. The first thing that we do when meeting with a new client is come up with a project outline.

During the brainstorming process we discuss design ideas, desired website features, functions, and set times and dates (milestones) to track progress.

  • Initial Meeting: Brainstorming and outlining of website goals, set deadlines, desired features, settings, etc.
  • Initial Mock-Up: Meeting with clients 24/48 hours after initial meeting to discuss mock-up of website based on discussed guidelines. 
  • Website Draft: One/Two weeks (varies) after mock-up meeting. Beta website is shown to client and discussed to make changes.
  • 2nd Website Draft: One/Two days (varies) after 1st website draft, recommended changes are made and applied. Client reviews beta site once more and gives recommendations. 
  • Final Meeting: Last meeting before going live (optional). Final changes and checks are made.
  • Go Live: Website goes live on the web (Hello World!)
  • Centropy As Webmaster (Optional): Centropy acts as the client's webmaster and runs site/store/updates/posts, etc. Ongoing service. 


Webmasters For Hire

Your time is valuable, let us run your site and take care of the hard work.
Save Time
Managing a website can be time consuming and tedious. Content updates, blog posting, security and other tasks can be left up to us.
On the first of every month we provide all of our monthly clients with website reports. We track your traffic, downloads, store sales, expirations and more.
Everyday thousands of websites are hacked, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost and confidential information is lost. Don't be another victim, let us monitor and protect your site.
The most successful websites post fresh, useful content on a frequent basis. Do you have the time to write blogs, articles and other content? Let Centropy write your content while you sit back and relax.

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