Revolutionizing Cloud Data Security

ShardSecure™ was founded in 2018 by a team of cybersecurity veterans.  Their mission is to enable leading enterprises and government agencies to securely store and share their sensitive data in the cloud.

Straight to The Point

Content is and will always be king. One could argue that presentation is queen. Our goal for the ShardSecure website was to present their awesome content in a way that would be simple and easily comprehensible to potential clients.

All designs, colors, etc were developed to bring focus to their written and graphic based content. Flashy designs, HTML/CSS/Javascript was kept to a minimum.

Client Access

ShardSecure and Centropy Designs partnered together to create a modern technology website that potential clients could quickly reference to gauge their security solutions.

One of main features that ShardSecure requested was a login/backend where customers could submit helpdesk tickets and access more information.