Gulf Coast DevOps

Creative engineering and innovative technology.

Gulf Coast DevOps represents the passionate pursuit of its founders to apply the collective experience of the past 20 years to assist todays’ innovators, service providers and consumers in speeding adoption of technology to meet their commercial objectives and improve the human experience.

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Content Focused

Content is and will always be king. One could argue that presentation is queen.

Our goal for the Gulf Coast DevOps website was to present their awesome content in a way that would be compelling to their potential clients. All designs, colors, etc were developed to bring focus to their written and graphic based content.

Clean Design

When a potential customer visits your website they should be able to quickly understand the following:

1. What your company does/ offers

 2. How your products or services will help them

 3. The best way to get in contact with you 

Gulf Coast DevOps and Centropy Designs partnered together to create a modern technology website that meets all the standards above and more.

The team at GCDO wanted their services methodology and better ops process to be presented in a simple clear way that was easy to grasp. Centropy decided to use a simple design, using clean white space and panel based sliders to presented the content provided by GCDO.