Cost Overview of Our Services

Below you will find price ranges for most of our services. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us

Basic Websites (Non-eCommerce)

Prices for basic websites start around $500 – $3000. It all depends on what features the client is looking for as well as the amount of pages. For example, if the client wants an email account with the website and an SSL certificate, the price will be higher.

eCommerce Websites

Prices for eCommerce websites range from $800 – $8000. The price depends on how many products the store will sell, what features the client is looking for and a lot more.

Logo Designs

Prices for logos range from $60 – $600. Complexity of the logo usually helps us determine the price. We also take into consideration, the time it took to make the logo in hours.

Content Creation

Blogs, articles and other written content all depends on the length and complexity of the topic. For example, a blog on “why consumers read online reviews before they make a purchase," that is 500 words in length might cost $70.

But an article on “How stem cells can increase the life span of humans," that is 2000 words might cost $300.

eBooks with over 5000 words are at minimum $900.

Website Management

Check out our page on website management for details on all the services that we cover. Typically, website management can range from  $100 – $300 per month. It all depends on what services Centropy manages for you.

Companies that want their web store managed will be charged around $300 per month, contact us for details.

Social Selfie

Social media background checks are $50 per person. We typically take about a week to gather results (if any can be found) if we cannot find information on the candidate, the client will not be charged.

Social Media Marketing

For social media marketing services we charge per campaign. Two week campaigns cost $250. One month campaign cost $375. During a marketing campaign we promote your content (website, video, blog, article, etc) to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. We track results through Google analytics.

If you would like your Facebook or Google ads created and managed by us, the price is $75. The $75 does not cover your ad budget. Results will be tracked and delivered to you by report.

SEO Services

Basic website SEO analysis is $75. We look at your site and determine what is missing and what is needed to help search engines better index your website (to help your organic traffic). After the analysis is over, we provide you with a summary report.

After you review our analysis report and understand our recommendations, we can implement our suggested changes to your website. Prices range from $50 – $200. It all depends on how big your website is and how many changes/updates need to be made.

Keyword research is another important factor that we recommend to our clients. Prices for long tail keyword research on specific niches, content, topics, is $80.